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The Zorn House

The Zorn House

 One hundred years ago, the Zorn House was the home of Anders Zorn (1860-1920) and his wife, Emma (1860-1942). The world-renowned artist, a native of Mora, had given up city life in Paris to return to his birthplace, where he built his stately residence. Zorn always felt a great love for his native area, a feeling that deepened even further with the move back to Mora. Zorn was his most authentic self when he was home, stated his friend Albert Engström.

Författare Johan Cederlund, Per Svälas, Fia Bladh och Ylva Fahlberg.
Utgivare Zornmuseet, 2022 
Antal sidor 95. Inbunden.
Storlek 28,5 x 19,8 cm
Språk Engelska
ISBN 978-91-983701-4-0

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2037 The Zorn House 195 :-/st